Monday, August 14, 2006

Seattle Streets

If Google sent you here when you came looking for directions to the Seattle Streets Quilt? You actually want my "pictorial tutorial" page. Go here and have fun.

This is the great quilting work of my life. No, I'm not kidding. It's an original quilt I've named "Seattle Streets," because it reminded me of sitting on a high floor of a downtown Seattle office building, looking down at the streets and buildings below. It's an incredibly easy and fast quilt to make -- entirely strip pieced. The pattern is currently available at Niki Roberts' page, "Ufo-rphanage for Quilters."

Since I made this, I've sent the pattern to quilters on five continents, which, to me, is way beyond cool. (If you're in Africa [or, perhaps, a researcher in Antarctica] and download the pattern, let me know!) If you're a quilter, check it out. And if you make one, send me a photo!

Dot's Seattle Streets quilt
My Seattle Streets in Christmas fabrics
Christina's Seattle Streets in brights!
Robin's Seattle Streets with band T-shirts!
Sue's Quilt Pink Seattle Streets with white "leading"


Leah S said...

Hi Laurie! I'll be adding you to my bloglines list so I can stop by every time you write a new post. :)

Sweet P said...

Hi Laurie, welcome to the world of blogging! I'm still working on my Seattle Streets quilt. I haven't been home enough on the weekends to get some serious quilting time on the schedule.

I'm a former soccer mom. All 3 of my boys played while in school. Maybe someday I'll be a soccer grandma! :) We watched some of the World Cup, at least the US games and the final.

I don't much about chess, but I can understand the passion you have for it and for the children.

Laurie said...

Good to see you both! Be sure to stop by again!

floribunda said...

I am relatively new at the blog thing, too, but I did figure out how to do the cool links within text:

Write the name of the site you want to link to -- "Paper Panache" for instance
Then highlight it and click on the little icon that's a blue ball with a piece of chain at the bottom. (I'm sure it's supposed to represent something, but who knows?)

You'll get a box in which you can copy or type the URL, and then when you say okay, your link is done! (just add black leading around all 4 sides and press towards the black!) Good luck and keep writing!


Anonymous said...

Found your blog when googling Stop The Cavalry! Love the Seattle Streets quilt. Mostly because it is very similar to a pattern I use for denim (and other fabric) quilts. You can see some pictures of them on my flickr site ( if you are interested. Most of the ones pictured have been tied but I have also machine quilted quite a few.

InHouse said...

thanks a lot!

InHouse said...

thanks!!!! so great pattern and thanks for sharing!