Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Purses and Valuables

I will admit to having a bad financial habit or two. I enjoy eating out, even when I could cook at home. I like to buy quilting stuff. I probably buy a latte or two (or three) every week.

I tell you where I draw the line, though. I draw the line at the $148,000 purse.

Yes, $148,000. No, that's not a misprint. Here's how Forbes describes it:

"Hermes Birkin in Croc Porosus Lisse $148,000 Named after French singer/songwriter Jane Birkin, this 35 centimeter croc porosus lisse tote boasts 9-carat diamonds with 1.86 carats of diamonds on the lock itself. Pictured here: the same Birkin tote sold at auction in 2005 by Doyle New York. Each is made-to-order."

I guess one of the things that amazes me about this is that it's not all that impressive looking. Very few people could recognize it for the obscenely expensive outlay that it represents. (Which is, by the way, almost exactly double what we paid for our first house.) What this means is that one would be spending a huge amount of money to impress the handful of people who covet what you've bought enough to know what it costs. And why would you want to impress these people, exactly?

I have an acquaintance who misplaced her purse in a hotel last year. Fortunately it showed up intact at the hotel front desk. Her biggest concern in telling the story? Not the driver's license, or the credit cards, or the irreplaceable baby pictures. Her concern was that "It was a thousand-dollar Louis Vuitton."

Humor here: I get a lot more pleasure from being able to pronounce "Louis Vuitton" correctly in French than I would from actually owning one of his purses. But then again, I get a thousand times more pleasure out of being able to translate articles from l'Equipe about French soccer, so maybe I'm not a good gauge of this kind of thing.

If my house were on fire I would save:

1) People
2) Pets
3) Photographs
4) Computers (with irreplaceable documents and photographs on them), and
5) Quilts

Other than that, it's all just stuff. And most of it's silly stuff, to boot.

Yes, silly. Like, y'know, a $148,000 purse.

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Nancy said...

This post is related to my recent one about the Pedicure Spa . . . . I've been thinking a lot lately about Americans' emphasis on THINGS, many of which seem to be acquired just to demonstrate that one has the MEANS to acquire. There's something wrong here . . . .