Friday, April 25, 2008

Marital Communication

My husband and I are watching a movie. One we have watched many times together over the years.

He says, "Oh, my favorite part is coming up here."

I say, "Oh, is it the part where..."

He says, "Yeah."

We both laugh.

We have been married a long time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shinguards in French

If you are the person who stopped by wondering how to say "shinguards" in French? (Because that's exactly what the google search said: "How do you say shinguards in French?")

Sorry it wasn't in this blog. But the answer is:

le prot├Ęge-tibia

Or, literally, "the protect-tibia." And you're now thinking, "Oh. Duh."

For more French soccer vocab, stop by here.

And this is me, apologizing for the deadness of this blog. We even went to Europe for spring break, as a family, so I actuallly have stuff to write about.

And if I had known that this time my husband actually meant it when he said, "I'll take time off and we'll go to Europe together in the spring," I never would have gone by myself last fall.

But I did. And now I have two extremely different trips to compare.

More later.