Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Fun With Scraps

I was decluttering and organizing my sewing room today and stumbled on some flannel scraps from the last time my daughter, the Disneymaniac, made pajamas. Pink ones for her, black Mickey ones for her boyfriend. Because she'd cut jammies from the fabric, it was cut at all kinds of strange angles.

I found myself thinking, "Too bad it's not more of each fabric -- I could make rice bags." (You know. Microwavable rice bags, to keep you warm at night. I've been wanting to make more recently because I've used mine so much they're falling apart.)

Then inspiration struck: I could piece the two fabrics together, like a quilt. Or a jigsaw puzzle.

Et voilĂ !

(It's cuter in real life than in the photo -- and the lines running up through their faces are channels to keep all the rice from migrating to one side.)

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