Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Happy From my Pick-Me-Up File

It is January, which is depressing in itself. (Even though we're having 50-something-degree weather and bits and pieces of sunshine here... Still.) And this past week hasn't been the best. So what does this mean?

It means it's time for a little bit of happy from my pick-me-up file.

Yes, I actually have a file on my computer labeled "pick me up." I'm in the process of updating, but eventually it will include things like this video. And this one.

Oh, what?!? As I said when I originally posted that second one, there is nothing illegal about old and happily married women enjoying a little art appreciation! (And despite what you see on your screen at first glance, it's not about guys running around in their underwear. Or at least not ALL about.)

But, because I have eclectic tastes, this brings me to my latest pick-me-up find, from a daily stop of mine, the adorable baby animal photo site "Daily Squee."

I know, huh? You're melting right now. I challenge you to visit the site and not smile. Just try.

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