Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Peek Into My Secret Life

So this morning I had get up early to do a "Liveblog" for the soccer site I occasionally blog for. Liveblog being where you watch a game on one computer while typing up commentary on your site on another computer. Not because I'm so incredibly talented and knowledgeable, but because nobody else volunteered.

I've done this probably a couple dozen times over the years, but it's still out of my comfort zone. And today was the first time I've used new technology, and none of my fellow bloggers were going to be around given that it's Sunday morning. So I was a bit nervous.

This is the email I sent to my buddy and co-blogger after the fact:

Laurie to C****

10:34 AM

Figured it out. Thanks for you help -- both for the practical answers and the moral support. I actually had a nightmare about the LB last night -- I think in my dream I overslept and then ran into all kind of technical difficulties. The reality was a piece of cake after that.

Of course, I also dreamed that a Jesus image appeared to me in a frying pan, and I was trying to decide whether to be reverent or sell it on eBay. No joke. I blame last night's spaghetti.

Liveblog went fine, apart from the fact that there was a 45 second lag between audio and video, so I'd hear about events ages before I saw them. Made it kind of hard to multitask betwen LBing and watching/listening, especially for somebody as ADD as I am. I'm frustrated with the African Football site, because I actually freaking PAID for the finals package.

Also, have you ever seen an indirect free in the box given for the goalkeeper taking too long with the goal kick? I never had -- I've only seen yellows for time-wasting. D*** and I were wondering if that is actually in the rules and if so why it's never enforced.

Just wondering and too lazy to look it up.


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