Monday, January 04, 2010

Some Highlights of Late 2009

A few highlights from the end of 2009:

1) I got my iPod player back!

Since early-to-mid-2009, my 14-year-old son has been "borrowing" my iPod player -- the thing you can attach your iPod to so you can listen to it without earbuds, like a stero/CD player/whatever you call it these days. He especially used the music to sleep to, and he took it to camp with him when he was an LIT this summer to get the little kids to go to sleep. (Apparently he does have some soothing music on there -- he just never plays it when I'm around!)

While it was at camp, the old one got knocked off a chair, and it was never the same again. So eventually I got a new one. Which disappeared into his room again.

He was quite gracious about it, always saying, "Mom, when you want it, just let me know..." Thing was, he wanted/needed it more; it helped him fall asleep at night, and I rarely used it. So in his room it stayed. Until a couple of weeks ago, when his actual iPod disappeared, and he started using the music playing ability of his computer to play the same songs.

Turns out that without the really BASS basses and really TREBLE trebles of the iPod player, he sleeps better. Which means he's now using his computer to sleep to.

Which means I have my iPod player back.

2) My daughter has a job! And not just a job, a job with BENEFITS!!!! (You know you've arrived as a parent when your kid has her own health insurance. WHEW!)

A couple of months ago she started working temporarily two days a week as a camping registrar/admin person for our church's camping ministries. Fitting, since she's been to church camp every summer as either a camper or a leader since she was 6. (That would be 17 years, in case you're curious.) She did a bang-up job there, so they didn't even interview for the permanent position -- they just asked her to stay on.

The money's not great, but it's better than she was getting at the part time job at Blockbuster that the economy had relegated her to since college graduation.

So now when somebody says "Where are you working" she can reply with pride. Go, Sarah!

P.S. Her boyfriend of almost six years -- whom we adore -- pointed out recently that he could now call her his "friend with benefits." Her father was not amused.

(Except he really was.)

3. I have to admit that when my son plotted his course for cancer treatment, I had two big worries: 1) Well, y'know, it's cancer, and 2) chemo brain -- the fuzzy-headed inability to concentrate that a lot of chemo survivors complain of. I was especially worried since he has worked his behind off in college and recently got accepted to the business school. Which is really hard to do.

He just finished his first post-chemo quarter, which also was the start of his much-more-difficult business classes. Final result: 3.8. I think the kid's going to be okay.

All in all, not a bad end to 2009.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

You're doing so well. I'm impressed.

Laurie said...

I wish I could claim credit. But as you probablby know, after they hit a certain age you have to stop saying, "I've done well," and instead say, "They've done well." :-)

(Still, I'm proud and happy for them.)

Mike the Eyeguy said...

It did my heart good reading this. Happy and blessed 2010 to you all!

Anonymous said...

Late on seeing this, but glad to hear about Michael's success at UW post-chemo. Give him my best! Coach Tom.