Friday, August 24, 2012

I'd Like To Buy A Vowel

A set of rings, spotted on Amazon by an alert friend who posted the link on Facebook.

Eeva' jewelry

Stainless Steel Cz Gem "You're My Love" Engraved Couple Rings Set for Engagement, Promise, Eternity R001 (His Size 7,8,9,10; Her Size 5,6,7,8). Please Email Sizes

 Price: $13.99

The rings are cheap.  Proper grammar, however, will cost you.  I'm guessing the "e" and the apostrophe are an additional $500.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...


pcflamingo said...

I "like" Captain Grammar Pants on Facebook so I get my daily dose of spelling deficiencies gaily motoring down the street on the sides of trucks or on reader boards or billboards. Whee!

Blogger said...

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